Ways to be involved in your church community

St. Andrew’s Church has many ways for adults to be involved in our church community.  Our warm and welcoming environment for all binds us together.  You are always invited to participate.


Altar Guild

The purpose of the Altar Guild at St. Andrew’s is to assist the clergy in the celebration of the Eucharist and any other Sacraments or Offices found in the Book of Common Prayer. Members of the Altar Guild prepare the Altar according to the traditions of the Episcopal Church so that each service will be conducted in a holy, worshipful, and beautiful manner to the Glory of God and His son, Christ our Lord.

Here at St. Andrew’s we are fortunate to have a group of very dedicated people who work in teams of two or three under the direction of our priest. Three times a week we prepare the sacramental offerings, the holy vessels, hangings, candles, and linens. These behind the scene tasks may be called the “holy housework” of our ministry. This keeps our church services running smoothly and maintains a worshipful setting for our parishioners.

Men’s Group

The St Andrews’s Men’s group is an informal community specially for the men of the church to gather for friendship and service. We are available to help out with advice or volunteer service on small projects needed  around the church’s various properties or grounds.  We are a mix of young and old, that engages in lively dialogue of a topical or spiritual nature and truly enjoy the camaraderie of each other.  We also are available to be called on to help prepare meals for functions  during the various seasons of the Church, such as support of the youth group mission trips and Shrove Tuesday pancake supper.

We have a lot of fun putting on a Stew cooking each fall to help finance projects or improvements needed by  Church. Our men play an active role in serving the church through leader ship and participation in providing support to local Outreach support  groups such as Hope Mission, Salvation Army, and Meals on Wheels.



The purpose of the evangelism committee is to develop ways to create a friendly welcome to our visitors and prospective new members, to increase our presence in the community and to grow our parish. All in support of our parish mission statement:
To follow Christ without delay and to bring others into Christ’s gracious presence.
In the past, the committee has run a monthly “Invite Someone to Church” series of articles in the Sounder, held several Newcomers dinners and continued work on the parish name-tag program.  We also ran a new series of bi-monthly Sounder articles entitled  “My Gift of Faith”. These articles were written by different parish members telling how their faith has guided them and/or supported them in handling the difficulties of life. The articles gave all of us an example of how important our own faith is and how we all should be thankful for our own gift of faith.
Of course, we always continue our efforts to have St. Andrews remain the friendliest church in Morehead City.


Sundays:  8:00  Holy Eucharist, Rite One :: 9:00  Adult Sunday School :: 10:00  Holy Eucharist, Rite Two
Wednesdays: 12:15  Holy Eucharist, Rite One :: 5:30  Holy Eucharist, Rite One, with Healing Service